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Bishop Michele:-

Relevant Links for the Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay

Diocese Links

Please note that the new Diocesan Website is available in Spanish only. However, if you use Google Chome as your browser, or other browsers with an online translation facility, you will be able to get a good flavour of the information being conveyed.

New (Oct 2015) website
Previous Diocese of Uruguay Website (still available)
Facebook Page
Diocese of Uruguay - focussing on CAIF - Website
25th Anniversary of CAIF - video

Companions and Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay

The Diocese of Uruguay has important companionship and friendship links to many other parts of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Details of formal links are given below:

Relevant Links for the Diocese of Uruguay, part of the Anglican Communion

Associated Links

United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. An organisation which offers financial support for the work of the diocese, both directly and through the funding of missionaries. No longer supports South America !

South American Missionary Society. Another organisation which offers financial support, both directly and through the funding of missionaries, specifically for the South Americas.

Church of England